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January 4, 2018- Because of worsening reports regarding snowstorm we regretfully need to close both offices on Thursday January 4, 2018. This is in the best interest of safety for both our patients and staff. There will be a physician on-call to answer any questions regarding any pressing health concerns. We hope to be back in operation on Friday morning. Stay safe during this severe weather event.




Hopefully everyone is having a restful Memorial Day weekend while remembering and honoring those who served to preserve our freedom. With Memorial Day (no walk-in clinic on Memorial Day)we have ended walk-in clinic again through the summer and will resume in the Foxborough office on the Tuesday after Labor Day (September 5,2017). We are exploring options for expanding this popular service in the future and we will keep you informed if changes are made. We have received much valuable input from our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and wish to thank them for their participation and helpful suggestions. Have a wonderful and safe summer and schedule your physicals as soon as possible to allow us to accomodate your preferences.

March 13,2017-*************SNOWSTORM************

Once again we are reacting to another surprise from Mother Nature.With the anticipation of heavy snow and wind, our offices will be closed on March 14, 2017 for regular visits. We will keep our Walk-In clinic available on Tuesday morning in Foxborough from 8-9AM for those with illnesses needing to be seen. Our intent is to be able to close the office shortly thereafter in order to allow our staff to get home before travel becomes hazardous. Stay well and stay safe.

February 12-13,2017 **********SNOWSTORM*******

Because of this recent snow event impacting our area both offices will have a delayed opening at 10:30 AM on Monday February 13, 2017. The walk-in clinic in Foxborough will also be cancelled for that day. Should conditions change and require further measures ,such information will be posted here and on our Facebook site. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Stay safe.

February 8, 2017 *****SNOWSTORM*******

Due to the impending snowstorm predicted for tomorrow February 9, 2017 Pediatric Specialists will close both offices at 12 Noon on Thursday. There will be an MD on-call available by phone. Given the prediction of high winds and blizzardlike conditions it seems safest for most to be at home and also to allow our staff to travel to their homes before the conditions become impossible. This also will cancel the Wrentham evening clinic for Thursday February 9th. The office should be contacting those with scheduled appointments to reschedule. Hoping everyone stays warm, safe and healthy.

November 15 ,2016

  • We are currently acknowledging the 40th anniversary of Pediatric Specialists of Foxborough and Wrentham. Much has transpired in that time and many of the early patients are now bringing their children to our practice. A humbling honor in the trust our families have shown.We exist for our patients and we appreciate every family who has been associated with our practice. As always we hope to reciprocate with excellent and compassionate care and service.

  • We have achieved Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home Status for the Foxboro office site and should have received the same for the Wrentham site. This is a major initiative which ensures up to date , coordinated and office centered care for your child. An overview is provided at the NCQA site and at http://www.ncqa.org/Portals/0/Programs/Recognition/PCMH_Overview_Apr01.pdf

  • Our walk in morning clinic continues to be a valuable service and will continue up until the Friday before Memorial Day and will resume the Tuesday after Labor Day. (See bottom of page)

  • We are currently in the process of setting up our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) which will consist of several parents from our practice along with some staff members. We have had several volunteers and are currently working on arranging a schedule of meetings to get this started. It is our hope that through parental input both positive and critical, Pediatric Specialists will better serve the needs of our families as we move into our 41st year. Thank you to all who have volunteered.

  • As you may be aware we now have a cerified lactation consultant,April Shapiro,available for nursing mothers who may request her guidance.

  • Pediatric Specialists now has psycholgical services available on-site on Monday and Wednesday. These services are by appointment only and are intended for short-term intervention. Dr. Tammy Perkoski is providing these services at the Foxboro office.

  • We hope everyone has enjoyed our waiting room redesign. The addition of the fish tanks to the sick waiting rooms has been a great success. Possibly we may expand this to the well waiting rooms some time in the future.

  • We are making a major effort to have our providers' schedule in the computer several months in advance (preferably at least 6-12 months). This will enable you to schedule appointments well in advance and hopefully before you leave the office from a previous visit.

  • As of June 24, 2017 our practice will migrate to a new electronic medical record system , EPIC, as well as a new data management system. Other than the amount of preparation beforehand , this transition is likely to cause some rough spots in scheduling and efficiency as we all become adept at this new system. For this reason we wil be making some schedule adjustments to allow additional time for visits during the first 2-3 weeks in the hopes we will avoid providers running behind. Please be patient with the staff as this new system is a much more powerful EMR and will be a beneficial tool in the care and management of your family.


WALK-IN CLINIC: The walk-in clinic operates out of the Foxboro office only. The clinic opens at 8AM and generally runs until 9 AM Monday through Friday up until the Friday before Memorial Day. The clinic does not operate on Monday and weekday holidays nor the day after Thanksgiving. This is a walk-in clinic so you do not need to call for an appointment. You will be seen on a first come first serve basis (barring any emergency situations) . Any over flow not seen in that time period will be worked into the morning schedule. This clinic time is not for chronic long standing problems which are better served in a regular appointment slot during the day. This clinic has received great praise from many patients who are able to have their child seen professionally and in a timely and convenient fashion.