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Mansfield MA #Tobacco21 Petition

Petitioning Mansfield’s Board of Health and Town Council

As part of our “Healthy Towns, Healthy Kids” initiative, Dr. Hartman has been focusing on raising the tobacco purchase age to 21 years. When Needham did this in 2005, the first town in the US to do so, high school cigarette use dropped significantly. New York City found this data so compelling that they recently followed and raised their age to 21 years as well! Please remember 90% of lifetime smokers begin before the age of 21. The distribution of tobacco products to underage smokers comes from people between the ages of 18 and 20.

Towns near us that have participated in the Tobacco 21 campaign and raised their purchasing age to 21 are; Canton, Bridgewater, Foxborough, Medway, Norwood, and Sharon. A total of 45 MA towns have joined Tobacco 21, covering over a million citizens, with many more towns considering.

If you are a citizen of Mansfield, please consider signing this petition stating that you favor raising the tobacco purchasing age to 21. Please forward this message to other citizens of Mansfield, and if your spouse agrees with this, please add his or her name as well!!

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