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Driving, Smart Phones, and Your Teen’s Health

Driving, Smart Phones, and Your Teen’s Health

Learning to drive is an important milestone for teenagers. While driving gives your teen increased independence, it introduces new dangers as well. In light of this, we recommend the following steps:

1. Make sure your child carries a copy of your insurance card. In addition, encourage them to photograph their card (front and back) with their phone.
2. Two apps that we recommend for smartphones enable you to enter important identification and medical information into a “Health Emergency Card.” iPhone users can use the built-in Health app, while Android users can use: ICE: In Case of Emergency.

Help your adolescent input the following medical information:

• any medical conditions
• medication allergies
• medications taken (including the doses)
• date of last tetanus shot
• any relevant family medical history
• multiple emergency contact
If you or your teen were ever in a situation where you were unable to speak, EMT’s simply go to your phone’s lock/password screen and click on the button “Emergency.”

Pressing this bypasses the password and bring up your medical information without providing access to other parts of the phone.


One additional benefit of the Health app is that it automatically captures your daily step count. Try averaging 10,000 steps each day!

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