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Parent to Parent: Caring and Sharing Network – Facebook Groups

We are happy to announce a new networking tool from WMPEDS; Parent to Parent Networking Facebook Groups. We have set up Private/Unlisted (Facebook refers to them as ‘Secret’) Facebook Groups on topics that we feel our patients would find beneficial. To access our Private/Unlisted Facebook Groups you will need to complete the application below. We will then reach out to you within 48-96 hours via email and send you a request to join the group(s). We hope these groups provide our patients and the parents/caregivers of our patients an additional avenue of support.

We currently have created specific, private. Facebook groups for the following categories:

• Autism
• Asthma
• Allergies – Food
• Allergies – Non-food

• Complex Heart Disease
• Down Syndrome
• G-Tube Families
• Pregnancy, Newborn & Lactation (open to all patients)
• School Issues (open to all patients)

If you experience any problems, please email us at: [email protected]

If you are unsure as to what a Secret Facebook Group is, please read: here

Terms and Agreement:

By your voluntary participation in this social media group, you acknowledge and agree that you may voluntarily elect to share aspects of your protected health information, as that term is defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and its supporting regulations. If you so elect to disclose that protected health information within this forum, you do so at your own choice and WMPEDS has no responsibility for the further disclosure of any information nor does WMPEDS make any representation as the completeness or accuracy of any information. Any information you receive through this forum, regardless of from whom it is received, does not constitute medical advice, medical recommendations, diagnosis or treatment. Do not rely on any information you may receive from participation in this forum in place of seeking professional medical advice. WMPEDS, its providers and affiliated entities (a) shall not be responsible or liable for any information transmitted in this forum; (b) shall have no obligation whatsoever for making any follow-up inquiries based upon information disclosed in this forum; (c) shall have no obligation whatsoever for arranging for a course of treatment or follow-up treatment, diagnosis or any other information that is disclosed or received through this forum and/or any members of the forum. You are encouraged to talk to your doctor with regard to information contained within this forum. Reliance on any information you receive by participating in this forum is solely at your own risk. Please be aware that you may be identifying yourself to others in this forum who may seek to contact you based on the information you disclose through the forum.


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