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Tick Season

2017 – Tick Season

A tick check a day will help keep LYME away!

We are now heading toward the peak of Deer Tick and Lyme Disease season. We have seen a 27% increase in Lyme cases this year as compared to last year. Please come by and get a FREE laminated Tick Shower Card to put in your shower or on the bathroom mirror, to remind yourself to check for ticks! “When you brush your teeth, check for ticks.”

For more information, please see Dr. Hartman’s video on Ticks and Lyme Disease. This video is very helpful to understanding Lyme Disease.

URI’s TickEncounter is a helpful resource in identifying a tick and removing it. It is not uncommon for the head to remain in the skin. Once the abdomen has been removed there is no more risk of a Lyme infection.

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