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Familial Substance Abuse Month – Vaping

Numerous teens in high schools that our practice covers are using a new electronic cigarette vaping device called Juul. “Juuling” is the term used for vaping with this popular new device. The Juul device is discreet and looks just like a computer flash driveIt is meant to target the highly-vulnerable addiction-prone teen brain. Kids get an intense rush from a hit of the powerful fruity flavored nicotine. This device can be found in the same places traditional tobacco and vaping products are sold. It has also become popular for high schoolers to purchase these devices online using Visa gift cards.

We are very concerned as this is a device to addict kids on nicotine, a gateway drug to opioids as well as marijuana. This is not any better or less dangerous than actual tobacco.

Here are the carcinogens:

  1. Aldehydes that are used for flavorants
  2. Cadmium and nickel in the heating coils
  3. Nitrosamines
  4. Toluene
  5. Acrolein, which in large doses destroys lung tissue and requires lung transplants. It is not known what low dose frequent exposure will do.
  6. Vegetable oil, unclear on its effect.
  7. Propylene glycol is antifreeze that is used in your car.

Schools need to start enforcing stricter rules and also suspension for students who use this in school. Please call you local high school principal’s office and express your concern. Write to the FDA asking them to ban all flavored vaping products (of which there are 7,700 flavors). Lastly, kids that vape are 4 times more likely to smoke traditional tobacco. 


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