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Meningitis B Vaccine Now Available at WMPEDS

As many of you are already aware, there have been two confirmed cases of meningitis at UMass Amherst. They were found to be caused by Meningococcus Type B, which is not covered in the Menactra vaccine we commonly give students prior to college entry. While this is not considered an outbreak and there has been no recommendation by the CDC or Massachusetts Department of Public Health to give the vaccine to all students, the letter sent by UMass Amherst states that it should be considered for all students. In response to this, we have ordered vaccine and it has arrived.

If you have a child at UMass Amherst or are a student at UMass Amherst and would like to receive the vaccine and have not as of yet, please call the office to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. We have a limited supply and will consider reordering as necessary.

Please be aware that this vaccine is not covered by all insurance plans equally and you should discuss with your insurance company if it is covered. We will have all patients sign a waiver for this vaccine and you will be responsible for this cost if not paid for by insurance. This vaccine with administration costs $225. You will be billed if insurance does not cover.

We have obtained Trumenba, one of two licensed vaccines for this disease. Trumenba is given in 2 doses, the second should be administered at least 6 months after the first. Please note, as with all vaccines, protection is not immediate. Good hygiene – not sharing drinks, food, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and anything that comes in contact with saliva, as well as thorough hand washing is important in preventing transmission of this disease.

Thank you!

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