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Wait Times and Call Back System

Dear WMPEDS Families,

Over the past few weeks, we have been experiencing a higher than usual call volume due to wintertime illness. The average call back time in approximately 60 minutes. We want to thank you for your patience while we do our best to meet the demand.

As a reminder, the use of our call back system is for NON-URGENT calls for nurse advice. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO LEAVE YOUR CALL BACK NUMBER. You can then go on with your day as the system will hold your place in line and return your call in the order it was received. Typical call back time is averaging about 60 minutes.  

PLEASE DO NOT call more than once with a call back number as this only backs up the system and will take longer to get to you.

If your call is for an urgent sick child, choose the prompt for an appointment today and NOT the callback option. This will get you directly to an appointment secretary or our urgent nurse for same day service.  

Please note that we will have to transfer you to the call back line if you choose this option for non-urgent advice.

Thank you, again, for your patience and cooperation.

Westwood-Mansfield Pediatric Associates
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