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Appendicitis or Constipation?

We hope that your families are having a joyous and peaceful holiday season amidst all the chaos. School stress, holiday travel, and rich food this time of year can contribute to a child becoming constipated without parental awareness. Often times children will avoid having bowel movements (BM) in school toilets, and thus hold their BM’s. It is not unusual this time of year for kids to have stomachache and parents worry about appendicitis especially ages 4-12 years and males 12 and older.

Please read below and watch our video.

  • A significant number of children who go to the emergency room with concerns of appendicitis are in fact diagnosed with constipation. A child can be constipated despite having daily BM’s.
  • Constant pain or doubling over sweating or ear piercing scream requires immediate call. Abdominal pain that wakes a child at night and persists is also concerning
  • Because Urgent Care Centers do not have consulting surgeons like hospitals there is a tendency for them to do more CAT scans on children, which contributes to higher amounts of lifetime cumulative radiation.
  • Before going anywhere – please watch this video and call us.

Video link here: https://youtu.be/Rn0TQzEdTV8

We hope you have a healthy holiday season and don’t forget your flu shots!

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