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WMPEDS Meets AG Maura Healey on Vaping!

0061669001575905144.jpgPictures from left to right: Dr. Hartman, Dr. Winickoff, Attorney General Maura Healey, and Mark Gottlieb JD.

Attorney General Maura Healey and her team met with Dr. Hartman, Harvard Medical School’s Pediatric professor Jonathan Winickoff MD, MPH, and Northeastern professor of Tobacco Law Mark Gottlieb JD. They discussed what can be done about the Juuling and vaping epidemic in our schools. Hopefully, bold steps will be taken here in Massachusetts, like what we’ve just seen in San Francisco where the sale of flavored tobacco products has recently been banned within the city limits – cross your fingers!

Please send an email to the FDA Commissioner and Director of Tobacco Control stating that you want Juul, similar pod vaping devices, and all vape products pulled from store shelves until the FDA tests their short-term and long-term term health effects.

Scott Gottlieb, MD (FDA Commissioner): [email protected]
Mitchell Zeller, JD (Director of Tobacco Control): [email protected]


For more information on the dangers of the Juul, Suorin Drop, and other vaping trends check out Dr. Hartman’s recent videos:
– Juuling – A Dangerous Trend
– The Suorin Drop

We hope you have a happy, healthy and safe Summer!

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