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Asthma and Allergy Environmental Control Measures

Did you know a significant amount of doctor visits for asthma could be prevented by simply addressing home environmental controls?
One example is making sure your air ducts are clean and that filters are changed regularly.

Smoking is a huge factor, too. 
Please stop smoking, for your own health and because of Thirdhand Smoke. Thirdhand Smoke is the residual nicotine and other toxic chemicals from tobacco smoke that is left on surfaces such as clothing, floors, furniture, car upholstery, etc. This is likely the case with the vapor exhaled while vaping, too.

Please take a moment to watch Dr. Hartman’s video on Asthma Environmental Control Measures

Video url: https://youtu.be/Zi_DFGBmHbA

Please stop smoking today and try the following tools for as long as you need – nicotine gum, nicotine mints, and the patch. For more help quitting visit:

Always feel free to give us a call with any questions, 

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