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Dr. Arthur Giuliano

Pediatric Specialists was founded in 1976 by Dr. Arthur Giuliano, with the office originally residing in the basement of his house office on Church Street in Foxborough, Massachusetts. For some time the office consisted of Dr. Giuliano and Mrs. Henriette Sinclaire who worked as receptionist and bookkeeper and we are proud to say continues to work as the bookkeeper for the practice.  In 1984 Dr. Giuliano developed a relationship with Dr. Robert Willis who was in solo practice in Wrentham, Massachusetts. This relationship continued until 1986 when Dr. Willis moved to Maine to take over a practice there. At that time Dr. Giuliano made the decision to continue to maintain the two offices in both Foxborough and Wrentham.

Over the period of the ensuing years Dr. Robert Henry, Dr. Leah Spitzer, Dr. Dianne Pacheco, Dr. Christopher Giuliano, Dr. Olivia Kim, Dr. Monika Page, Dr. Jim Kennedy and Dr. Mark Hausman have entered the practice and remain here to this day. Pediatric Specialists has been fortunate to also have had the services of several talented nurse practitioners over the years. Judith Shea Vaillancourt, Carrie Essex, Michelle Strynar, Jennifer Whitehead, Kevin Giuliano, Joie Curran, Audrey Doogan, Jessica Zopf and Sarah Pothier provide a contingent of capable nurse practitioners who provide an effective and professional role at both offices of Pediatric Specialists. In the last few years, we have been fortunate to also add the services of April Shapiro as a certified lactation nurse and the services of licensed mental health counselors Kelley MacDougall and Emily Cronin.

Pediatric Specialists is also proud of a professional team of nurses, managers and clerical staff working diligently to make your child's experience at Pediatric Specialists as pleasant and efficient as possible. Our mission at Pediatric Specialists is to provide expert and compassionate care from birth through adolescence. At Pediatric Specialists we practice according to the guidelines set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Pediatric Specialists takes great pride in serving the youth of our many area towns. With most of our providers and staff living in the surrounding towns we are aware of most of the local issues and happenings which might impact on your child's health.


Pediatric Specialists is housed at two offices: 132 Central Street, Suite 116 Foxborough, Massachusetts and 155 South Street, Wrentham, Massachusetts.

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