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Considering Urgent Care Centers on Vacation?

Dear Practice Families,

Did you know we have Boston Children’s affiliated pediatricians in practices on the Cape that are willing to see your child for us?

Here is the listing of practices.

Before going to an Urgent Care Center (UCC), for abdominal pain, we ask that you watch Dr. Hartman’s video on the subject. 95% of ER and UCC visits for abdominal pain are caused by either constipation or reflux. This video is intended for abdominal pain in children ages 3 to 12 and teenage males. If after the video you still have questions please call our office. 

Please Note: On occasion, parents have called us from vacation destinations to ask us questions about an UCC visit, diagnosis or treatment. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer those questions over the phone for the reasons below and suggest if you are close by, like on the Cape, we recommend you to come in or visit a fellow Children’s affiliated practice.

  1. We rarely receive the records from the UCC visit and even if we do it is not sufficient.
  2. We need to take our own history, physical exam and maybe order additional labs.
  3. We feel talking on the phone is NOT in the best interest of your child.

Keep in mind, non-hospital affiliated UCC’s do not have surgeons on site and may do a CAT scan on your child’s belly, whereas a pediatrician or surgeon may be comfortable just doing a history and an exam eliminating the possibility of radiation exposure to your child.

For the health of your child, we suggest you give us a call before going anywhere.

Have a fun, safe and tick free summer!

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