Office Updates: 10/6/20

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of recent posts... ever since a recent Facebook update, business pages have been struggling to post and access their pages. We have multiple requests in, but have not heard back. We are back at least for a moment!

We have many updates and we will work to also post these as we move forward on out website: We have a blog section on that site where we should be able to put updates just as we post here and we should be able to use it consistently. Please check there often!

Our office procedures continue to evolve as needed with the pandemic. Our goal, as always, is to provide you and your families with the care you need while keeping you and our staff safe. Here are some highlights of how we are currently functioning:

1) While we cannot currently offer walk-in clinic as we have in past years, our phones now go on at 8AM to answer your questions and offer appointments. In addition, someone is available from 8-10AM Monday through Friday at for virtual walk-in appointments. You can be seen there without scheduling an appointment.

2) Both offices are open for routine well care, medication follow-ups, and non-infectious urgent visit from 9AM-3PM. At 3PM, one office or the other will transition to sick visits. We are back open evenings from 6-9PM for sick visits and telemedicine visits.

3) We are offering flu vaccines and have 2 evening clinics each week for administering this vaccine to our patients. You can set up an appointment for this by calling our office at 508-543-6306 or 508-384-7867. At our flu clinics we have a greeter who will meet you outside and tell you when it is your turn to enter. By managing arrivals in this way, we are able to maintain social distancing and to limit any potential exposures.

4) We continue to offer telemedicine visits for many issues such a medication follow-up visits and certain complaints. We will continue to offer these as long as the insurance companies allow.

5) You will see our staff, as well as all who come to our office, in masks 100% of the time. We adopted this early on, even before the official requirement, as this is a simple step to stop the spread of infection. We also wear gloves during exams and extensively sanitize the rooms between visits. Please understand that this could cause a slight delay in when you are seen, especially during sick hours, but it is all to keep you safe!

We will continue to update you as things evolve.

Please do not give up on the safety measures which have helped to slow the virus and which have helped many of our kids get back to school.

Wear a mask which fits snugly and covers your mouth and your nose.

Maintain social distancing inside and outside and limit indoor activities.

You will be pushed by your children to engage in social activities. Please resist! These are events which have been shown to increase spread and will set the process back.

Please get a flu vaccine and stay up to date on all other immunizations. Vaccines are our best weapon against disease and spread of these diseases, but they only work when we all step forward and do our part for one another and society at large! There are a few who may not be able to get vaccines because of a medical condition, however the rest of us can protect these individuals by get ourselves vaccinated. Don't delay!

Stay safe. Call with questions. We are here with you!

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