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  • Familial Substance Abuse Month – Dr. Hartman’s Story of A Parent with Alcoholism
    To hear Dr. Hartman’s story please watch the following short video. Alcohol Anonymous For people concerned about their own drinking. (617-426-9444) Al-Anon and AlateenFor families and friends concerned with the drinking of a Read more
  • 2017 September Flu Clinic Dates!
    Appointments are now available for flu clinics in all three offices. Clinics will be run from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. September Flu Clinic Dates: Westwood: Wednesday 9/27Mansfield: Tuesday 9/26Easton: Thursday 9/28 As in previous years, we will Read more
  • Asthma Attacks: How to Avoid Urgent Care & ER’s!
    Years ago, a mother said to me, “When I go to the ER, all they do is 3 nebulizer treatments and steroids. Why can’t I do this at home AND Read more
  • Mindfulness Classes for Teens
    After successful mindfulness classes in the spring, we’re very pleased to announce that again this fall we will be offering an 8 Week Mindfulness Workshop for Teens. Mindfulness utilizes guided meditation Read more
  • Telephone Triage Changes
    Over the last year, we have been working hard to meet the demands of our telephone triage service, however, our parents continue to experience long waits for telephone advice. We implemented Read more
  • Familial Substance Abuse Month – Parental Marijuana Use
    6% of parents smoke marijuana in front of their children. To adolescent brains are far more vulnerable to the psychoactive effects of marijuana than adults; potentially leaving permanent changes in Read more
  • Head Lice: Fears and Facts!
    We all know about the beginning of the school year and reading, writing, and arithmetic. In recent years, there is a new subject on the minds of many parents and Read more
  • Familial Substance Abuse Month – Vaping
    Numerous teens in high schools that our practice covers are using a new electronic cigarette vaping device called Juul. “Juuling” is the term used for vaping with this popular new Read more
  • Talking to Your Children About Death
    There is no perfect way to tell a child that someone they know has died. Even though there is no perfect way to share this news, there are things that Read more
  • Due to Demand Two More Mindfulness Classes for Teens
    Due to demand, we will be offering two more mindfulness classes for teens. In Westwood on Wednesdays starting on October 11th:– From 7:00 – 8:30 – for ages 14-16– From 8:31 Read more
  • WMPEDS Goes to EPIC!!
    Dear Families, Tuesday, June 6th we GO LIVE with EPIC, our new electronic medical record system. At your first office visit, once we switch to EPIC, we will have to review Read more
  • Parent should know about The Blue Whale Challenge
    Dear Practice Families, The following message is from the Superintendent of the North Attleborough Schools and was sent to all parents in the district._________________________USA Today (May 25, 2017) reported on how Read more
  • What is Swimmer’s Ear?
    Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer part of the ear canal and the external ear. It occurs most commonly following extended exposure to water. Because the infection causes Read more
  • Tick Season
    2017 – Tick Season A tick check a day will help keep LYME away!We are now heading toward the peak of Deer Tick and Lyme Disease season. We have seen a Read more
  • Response to Netflix’s “To The Bone” Movie
    Dear Practice Families, As a social worker at Westwood-Mansfield Pediatrics that previously worked with children and adolescents suffering from eating disorders, I discourage young people from watching Netflix’s new film, “To Read more
  • Considering Urgent Care Centers on Vacation?
    Dear Practice Families, Did you know we have Boston Children’s affiliated pediatricians in practices on the Cape that are willing to see your child for us? Here is the listing of practices. List Read more

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